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Why People Celebrate World Pharmacist Day On September 25?

The very year of 25th Sept, we celebrate world pharmacist days. to encourage the pharmacist who can equally stand with a doctor to treat the patient in any Scenario. In 2009 at turkey in Istanbul in  International pharmaceutical federation lay the foundation stone of World Pharmacist Day to celebrate and encourage the role of pharmaceuticals in I health line. International Pharmaceuticals federation  (FIP) was founded in 1912  on the same day i.e 25th Sept that is why this day is chosen to celebrate World Pharmaceuticals Day. the role of FIP is not only to  encourage the pharmacist but also tell how they are important in health care on to the national level or state level 

The Theme of World Pharmacist days 

“Pharmacy: Always trusted for your Health” that’s the theme of World Pharmacist days 2021. The main reason behind these themes is to raise the awareness of the pharmacy but also to make trust in the society at the ground level. When the pandemic spread its legs all over the world. And the health workers especially doctors and nurse is too much involved to treat the serious patient which was infected with Covid -19. In this Situation, these pharmacists take the responsibility and handle the mild serious patient or normal Pati and give the Proper and accurate information and try to minimize the pressure of mainline Doctors.

International pharmaceutical federation(FIP)

Internation Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) is formed on 25th Sept 1912 in the Netherland which is the Global federation of Pharmacists and the pharmaceuticals  Scientist. And it represents three million pharmaceutical scientists all over the world. and it also collaborates with the World health organization (WHO). their main mission is to improve global health by advancing pharmacy practice and science to enable the better discovery and cost-effective best medicine for all over the world.

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