Why Facebook Ads effective for Real Estate in India?

In India, Facebook Ads play a vital role for Branding, Lead Generation and Product Selling. The reason behind this is that it Cost effective in terms of budget. Advertiser show their ads in cheap price to the targeted potential audience based on specific location, demographic and interest. Even advertiser can target only their niche based customer, so that their buyer will increase and conversion ratio will be high. According to Statista article, in India there is maximum number of Facebook User ( 340Million ) which is around 24.6% of Total population of India. My point is that, Facebook is a huge platform for Advertiser. And, I liked this platform because Facebook knows everything about people like their interest, favorite, relationship, Profession, location etc. There are several factor on which Facebook Ads effective for Real Estate which will be discussed later.

Does Facebook Ads works for Real Estate in India?


Yes, it work and many small and large company using it. By investing only 75-80 rupees daily people can reach to their potential buyer. So, either advertiser have less or best budget, they can advertise here. And if we are talking about the number of link clicks in this budget then you have to know that according to your selection of ads medium you have to pay CPC from Rs. 0.50 to Rs. 6 per link click. In term of Impression you have to give Rs. 0.5 to Rs. 2.5 average cost per 1k impression. And real estate industry, it will cost same as mention above and hence we wil say that Facebook Ads effective for Real Estate.

Are Facebook Ads effective for Real Estate?


According to me, yes it helps and effective in many ways. As we know Real Estate is one of the backbone of our country and it will help lots of people to grow and earn money as quick as possible. So, just think that people while travelling and resting or feeling bore etc situation, they are using social media platform to keep them busy and entertain. So, human mind-set is that seeing a thing regularly, it create leaves a reminder of the product while you want to buy property. So, when people need to invest in real estate or want to buy residential property then he or she will contact you. There is different way to connect with the interested client but in this article we are not discussing it.

How Facebook ads help Real Estate Agents in India?


As we know that Real Estate agent is anyone, they are working as a team or individual, and everyone need interested client for their residential and commercial property. And as we know we can target people regionally and make lot of funnel here which result to find best buy for the agent. And, if we talking about the price of one lead from Facebook it will lie between Rs. 30 to Rs 400 as per your property ticket size.

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