What are the Best Investment Option In India ?

Every earning person to increase your wealth to secure the future. And an investment is one of the great options where we have to multiply your earning option, secure you’re and fulfill your Financial Goal. Investment is a good option to beat the investment. Instead to put your money in Bank Account. You can invest your money in different avenues or Zone-like stocks, Insurance, Mutual Fund, the equity market, etc.
It depends on us how we can, where we can, how much we can do investment. Every Individual has a different goal, Different plans, and capabilities of risk Handling. Sometimes it also depends on the time factors and market conditions. How the market responds on which factor.

Types of Best Investment Option In India :- 

Here we help you decide to best investment option according to risk handling abilities
1) Investment with Low Risk
An investor who has fixed income is low-risk tolerance, they are now seeking low-end volatile options, they can generally earn from decades and decades they can put all the eggs in one single nest, which can provide a return with minimum risk.
Fixed instruments like  Bonds, Debenture, Fixed deposits, and many governments saving schemes where you can face the minimum risk. they are not linked with the stock market and generally, they are governed by an interesting rate. Only you have to lock your investment for a long time.
2) Investment with medium Risk. 
 in this option, they have a moderate level of risk but have a higher return as compared with fixed income instruments. they have a certain level of risk but the return is higher. Debt fund, Balanced mutual fund, index Fund came in this Category.
The only drawback of these instruments is they can carry debt and stability but sometimes due to volatility in nature it can also risk in principle amount. Due to irregularities getting a fixed return from these instruments is not possible.
3) Investment with High Risk.
 Those Investors are market Savvy and have a good knowledge of bonds and Securities. they are ready to take a High-risk Investment. There is so high risk in these investments but returns are also so High. I fact you can say that if you want to earn more then you have to take the risk.
Stock, equity mutual fund is fall in the High-Risk category. Return is so high in these derivatives but you should have to know when you can pull out the money and where put the money.

Following are the Best investment option in India :-

keeping risk factors in your mind. we just give some of the best options for investment in India.
1) Stock:  Stocks or shares of a company represent ownership of the company that can give the right to claim anyone to earn the corporate earnings. stocks market is the place where any Individual can purchase or buy the stocks of any company, nowadays these market come on the digital market place. Their prices are dependent on supply and demand in the market as buyers and sellers place the order.
2) Fixed Deposit:  FD or fixed Deposit instrument is a low-risk financial instrument where you can get a fixed rate of interest that is higher than the interest which is offered in a savings account. investing in FD you can get fixed interest in a certain interval of time. This is one most common financial instruments which can choose by Indians. Due to the availability of flexible options most preferred by Indians.
3) Mutual Funds: It is a Collective investment option where big players collect the money for low Investors utilize this money to invest in to purchase stocks of Bonds of various Companies on that basis to create a return. in is a low-risk investment option.
4) Senior Citizen  Saving Scheme: This Scheme I Generally beneficial for Senior citizens of More than 60 years. many of the schemes are launched by the government to provide much profit for Sr Citizens, who can comfortably enjoy their Post retirement life.
5 ) PPF: the public provident fund is the most common investment option in India where most middle-class Investors invest their money. It is controlled by the government. and you can easily take the good return after 15 years. Government is always flexible of interest rate in PPF instruments

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