Watch Online Marvel Eternals: Release Date, Plot, Cast, Theory

Marvel Eternals: What we Know (Plot, Cast, Theory). The trailer of Eternals has already been released on YouTube and so much Speculation is created. This Eternals could be the newest Team of Marvel should be the oldest superhero. It is the third movie of Marvel Phase 4 after the Black Widow and Shan Chi respectively released in July and September. And Due to the pandemic, several dates is Preannounce but delay again and again. But the final release date will come.

Marvel Eternals: Final Trailer

It is the MCU’s second next big assemble movie after Avenger Series. If everything is fine them Marvel should plan to launch the Sequel. Oh let’s ignore these.  and leave for the Future. We here focus on the present movie which will be going to release on November 7th 2021. 

Lets us discuss all these things try to reveal Power of characters. All the possibilities of all characters which are shown in the Trailer. As we know till now they release the 2 Trailers in and bother these trailers are so Epic. This trailer promises high octane action and good Stories.
After coming to the second trailer, Producer Nate Moore Confirmed that the film happens at the same time around Spiderman- Far From Home. The world is recovering from the Attack of Thanos and the return of half of the population.

Marvel Eternals: Characters Superpower and Strength

In Marvel Eternal, Salma Hayek and Angelina Jolie are one heavy Cast that plays a very important role in this movie another cast also has Significant role. lets us discussed it one by one.
1) Gamma Chan as Sersi: Sersi is a museum Curator who can manipulate matter in short you can say that he is free spirit who can move here and there.
2) Richard madden as Ikaris: Able to fly, superhuman strength, High beam Eye just like the DC superman that’s the capability of Ikaris.
3) Kumail  Nanjiani as Kingo:  He can Project cosmic projectiles from his hand.
4) LiaMchuge as Sprite: he is an illusionist.
5) Bryan Tyree Henry as Phastos: He is a technocrat, Inventor, creating weapons for his team member.
6) Lauren Ridolf as Makkari: First Deaf hero of MCU with super Human Speed.
7) Barry Keoghan as Druigh: Mind Control capabilities. 
8) Don Lee as Gilgamesh: exoskeleton of Cosmic armor which is strongest when comes to fight, Family person.
9) Kit Harington as Dane Whitman: carry with Mystical sword who can make hi a Dark Knight, expert Swordsman, and fitted tactician. 
10) Salma Hek as Ajak: Group healer and bridges between the celestial and eternal and celestials.
11) Angelena Jolies as Thena: Thena can form any weapon anywhere with the help power of Cosmic Energy.

Watch Online Marvel Eternals

So with this heavy Star cast with the powerful character. We assume that lots of things are going on in Marvel Universe. Maybe from this movie or  may be playing the roles of those seeds who can responsible for another universe. wait for November 7, 2021.

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