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Myra Q1 Mini LED Video Projector, 1500 Lumens Multimedia Home Theater Video Projector

Top 5 Best Mini Projector under Rs 5000

Are you looking for the best projector for your office or your home, but your budget is a little constrained, then this article definitely provides you with the right guidance. right now we provide you target the Projector under 5000. if we’re going to this read this article till the end of this article after that your confusion is so clear. We come here with the top 5 Best Mini Projector under Rs 5000 which are easily available on various  ecommerce  India Platform.

A lot of brands are available in the market they promise the best experience. that is why it is so difficult to figure out the best projector. here we provide you the pros and Cons of each through which you can easily choose your best as per your requirement yours.

YG300 mini Projector 

YG300 Mini Portable (600 Lumens Video 1080P)High Resolution LED Projector

YG 300 mini Projector is one of the best projectors which comes under 5000, Yellow color gives he aesthetic look, equipped with the inbuilt speaker with great sound quality. 1080 picture resolution. USB Supporter, Come with remote. comes with a 6-month warranty on warranty defects.
key features
16 M colors.
Low Cost
SD card Slot
Sharp color
Advantage.                                                   Disadvantage   
Zero Stain Eye                                               Need Adapter.
LCD View                                                       Heating issue.
Full HD view                                                   No batteries.

UNIC Uc30 Projector

UC30 Full HD 1080P Home Theater Mini Projector for Video Games TV Movie

Launched in 2016 it is one of the most popular brands in and of the top 5 Best Mini Projector under Rs 5000 in India which come under budget. it’s so shiny and stylish made with plastic. play/ pause button. AC input easily links with a laptop and computer. For a movie lover, it is the best projector.
Key Features
HDMI  link option
Low-Cost Device
Advantage                                                          Disadvantage
 low-Cost                                                             Normal Quality
Lamp repair                                                           Corded Devise
No Battery                                                              No Bluetooth

Myra Q1 Home Projector

One of the most sold projectors on the e-commerce platform. one of the best projectors for home use. Not many buttons are available. that is why it is not suitable for office use. Ideal aspect ratio 16:9, value for money, Need extra care for lens. so bulky. 20000 he’s of lamp come in 1-year warranty. AV source . paired easily with HDMI USB etc. 
key Features
Color Variant
Vivid Display
Inbuild LED Display 
Advantage                                                         Disadvantage
Full HD                                                                 No Wi-Fi
High Contrast Image                                          No Lens Cap

TEQIN Portable  Projector

TEQIN Video Projectors,Portable Mini LED Cinema Video Digital HD Home Theater Projector Beamer Projector AU Plug

With high power And robust powerful look, it is one of the best projectors for Home or personal use. It has unique features such as Energy Saving, zero strain eye. I can link with devices such  DVD, PC, Mobile Camera, DVD console, etc. light in weight that is why it is easy to carry anywhere is easy. Comes with open radio jack and also with a lens cap that can increase the longevity of the Device. All the buttons on top of the panel due to this it is s user-friendly. Come with an adaptor but there is no warranty on this projector.
KEY Feature
 FULL  16 m Colours
 16: 9 Aspect ratio
 2000 hrs of lamp life 

UNIC Mini Projector 

As we already discussed Unic brad is one of the best brands of projector in In India. this Device comes with a remote and the whole button on top of the projector that is easy is to use. lens mounted with stainless steel mesh. Compatible with almost all devices. it has provided with manual focus scroller. best in 60 inches the screen. performance is just above average. the best thing is that the 4:3 ratio is easily achievable. And it can feel ys the 4 k projector. NO heating issue. No batteries due to this there is some lag in Video playback.
Key Features
Projector type: HD with LED chipset
1920*1080 pixel video Resolution
Full HD Display 
Advantage                                                Disadvantage
An expensive Device                             looking not so premium
Easy to carry                                          settle quality

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