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The Matrix Resurrection Trailer 2021 Breakdown

Matrix 4 trailer is already launched and most of them already viewed, and we already like. we again going to see the Keanu Reaves as  Neo and Carrie Ann moss a Trinity.  So many fan theories have come about the neo and Trinity as already both of them died in the last movie. Fans are so excited to know how the story is going to turn in this Franchise. Apart from the actor are again doing the same just like jade Pinkett Smith as the role of Niobe. In addition, some new faces are also introduced just like Priyanka Chopra, Jessica Henwick, Yahya Abdul – Mateen, Christina Ricci, Neil Patrich Harris, and Jonathan Groff are ready to show their acting skill in this Franchise.

The Matrix 4 Trailer & Missing of original MORPHEUS

But The moviegoer is so disappointed when they heard that Laurence Fishbourne one of the most important characters of Matrix is not retained in the fourth part. 

Laurence Fishbourne Statement

Many of the fans didn’t believe that they are not going to see again Morpheus, he is an integral part of this film.
But it confirms Only by Laurence Fishbourne in a recent interview Via Wrap. By asking what is the reason behind that he is simply told: “he is not being invited”.
The reporter wants to know more about something but he just says a single word beyond that.

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Fans Theory on the unavailability of Laurence Fishbourne

Tons of theory are circulated in the web world this part only focuses on Neo and Trinity life. they are back life and recruit young Morpheus but Keanu Reaves denied this theory. some there suggest that both the neo and trinity get the life after when Morpheus has given his Sacrifice. Some theory totally depends on the Matrix Online Game. But no one has the exact information. may this will be revealed after the movie release.
After all, we know that The Matrix 4 will come and going to release in Your Nearest Theatre on the Christmas

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