Teaser Alert Extraction 2 Trailer 2022 on Netflix

Rakes Tyler is alive, Wo Zinda Hai!!. what the hell is going on after getting the billet in his neck and drown in River. He Is alive. How? This question comes in Every body-mind. we already saw in the first part each member of his team was already dead including him. but in the post Credit, we saw a little glimpse of the Rake Tyler. and the left the audience with some questions about who this person stands aside from the swimming pool but this teaser confirmed that rakes Tyler (played by Chris Hemsworth) is alive and he is with the boy.

Teaser Alert Extraction 2 Trailer 2022 on Netflix

After the huge success of the first part, Netflix knows that the viewers of Asian Countries especially from India have sentiments of Chris Hemsworth and the movie. So Netflix going to grab this opportunity and make the sequel of Extraction 2.  and have to earn more profit with extra entertainment Package.
Rakes Tyler a frustrated father, a Contractor Security officer want to after his family demise but in a different way, And he also developed some emotional attachment with the boy.  so see we don’t know how this gets a fold. Watch Teaser below or on Youtube

Watch Extraction 2 Teaser on Netflix

It is so early to say something about this movie because Netflix release only the trailer. so we patiently wait for the trailer and movie release date.
Still if any News or Chat will around us then we will update it ASAP, So Stay Tuned.

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