Spider-Man- No way Home( Trailer Plot Theory),

Hey Marvel Fans! I already know that most of them here have already seen the trailer of Spider-Man- No way Home. if you didn’t watch then go watch then Come again. links are given below.

Watch Online Spider-Man- No way Home Trailer

So After releasing of the trailer there so many fan theories have come on the market.  the reason behind so many fan theories is so many easter eggs  And genuinely sometimes I feel that it can be possible. so I just pick up some fan theories from Reddit. so let’s discuss it one by one.

Presence of Doctor Strange

So much excitement is increasing and Spectullation be true when we saw Saw the Doctore Strange in this Movie. In the trailer, we saw that. Peter Parker wants to erase all the memory from all over the world about his Spiderman identity. and he going to help with Dr. Strange. And Surprisingly Dr. Strange is ready to help. That/s  the reason many fans doughty on originality of  Dr strange and also his behavior, look, Gesture and have a sinister look into his face. Some theories told it is a dark variant of Dr strange and some theories suggest it would be a  Mephisto. but we cannot judge on a single lone trailer.

Loki Season Finale.

We already saw in Loki finale season 1  that the multiverse is already ripped open and it is easier to so many dark variants are easily accessible in any timeline. in that case, may some other variant of Dr. Strange is available in this timeline.

The appearance of Sinister Six.

 Some Theories are told that Mysterio isn’t Dead but he actually pretends so he can assemble the Sinister Six  (the most Dangerous villains group in Spiderman comics) so he can defeat the spider man. if this is true then it is interesting to know how Mysterio fakes his death.

The intersection of the Multiverse

As I told you multiverse I already intersect each other and also Dr. Strange open a few timelines. due to which many villainous Characters are appearing in this movie from another timeline.
a)  The lizard, Sandman, or Venom: In a few of the clips yon can assume that maybe a lizard, Sandman, or venom appear in this movie. they already are famous villains in Spiderman comics from a different timeline. Many of the fans are told they had the Glimpse of Legend Villain like Venom or in some scene already saw Electra and Sandaman and heard the roar of lizard.
b) Presence of Green Goblin: It is already confirmed in the trailer when we saw the Pumpkin bomb that green Goblin is present in this but right now it is not clear who is going to play Green in this movie.
c) Dr. Octopus:  One of the most extravaganzas of this trailer is the presence of Dr. Octopus which is played by Alfred Molina.  And the presence of this man creates so many chances for the presence of spider man from altering the Timeline.so It can make Chance to Tobey macguire maybe return to this  Movie. who Knows?
Spiderman Home Coming is the second movie of Marvel in Phase 4. A lot of Expectation comes from this movie. From the success of phase 3, MCU wants to create such a level that where Hero and the Villain have come in the same Level. they have maintained the level as compared to phase 3.
Spiderman – No Way Home arrives on December 17, 2021, after that so many things are clear so be ready. it will not possible to explain many things from Single Trailer. So patiently wait for Dec    17, 2021 to watch spiderman-No way home – a full package of entertainment.

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