Prestige PIC 20 Induction Cooktop with Push button (Black)

Prestige PIC 20 1200-Watt Induction Cooktop

  • Content: Prestige Induction Cooktop-Pic 20.0
  • Voltage: 230V; Wattage: 1200W; Antimagnetic Walls
  • Induction base cookware- bottom diameter between 12cm-26cm
  • Type of Control Panel – Push button
  • Great Features – i)Indian Menu Options ii) Aerodynamic cooling system iii) Automatic voltage regulator, saves power


Prestige PIC 20 1200 Watt Induction Cooktop with Push button (Black)

Model number:PIC 20 | Style:Induction Cooktop
The Prestige Induction Cooktop offers quick and consistent heating at high efficiency. add to this its anti-magnetic wall, soft-touch buttons, durability, safety, and elegance make cooking a satisfying and enjoyable experience. The Prestige Induction Cooktop comes with the unique power saver technology wherein the Induction Cook-Top dynamically monitors the temperature of the vessel and adjusts the facility level supported the dimensions (base diameter) of the vessel. This user-friendly cooktop may be a smart addition to your kitchen at a reasonable price!

A preset Indian menu to assist you to cook your favorite dish perfectly, an automatic transformer, that ensures durability and power-saving technology, to ensure, more food is cooked while using less power then there’s more, a cheap and quicker thanks to cooking a delicious meal.

Specification of Prestige PIC 20 1200-Watt Induction Cooktop

Indian Menu Option:-The Prestige cooktop comes ready with Indian menu options that assist you to prepare authentic Indian food like chapati, idli, curry, dosa, etc. at the touch of a button.

Anti-Magnetic Wall:-The cooktop has an anti-magnetic wall ensuring that the black glass panel heats only within the center while keeping the remaining surface cool. Also, they effectively block surplus magnetic radiation’s influence on the encompassing, make it more efficient.

Automatic voltage regulator:-The inbuilt Automatic Voltage Regulator not only takes care of high/low voltage variance but also ensures that the load is taken by the appliance gradually for durability and performance.

Intelligent:-This Induction Cooktop from prestige contains a full procedure computer control. This full procedure computer control automatically adjusts the power and temperature for various foods and helps in efficient cooking. The appliance will automatically turn off if it’s left ‘ON’ without attention for an extended time.

Easy Maintenance:-The cooking surface is flat and smooth hence cleaning is quick and hassle-free. The cooktop is movable and may be placed consistent with convenience and turn off the induction cooker and disconnect the plug from the power source, and wait until the unit has cooled down before cleaning.

Soft Buttons:-The Prestige cooktop comes with feather touch buttons which will prevent the entry of water into the appliance. it’s the Preset/Timer button which is able to help adjust the timer by pressing the “+” / “-” button.

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