JSB MZ24 3D Massage Chair Zero Gravity with Bluetooth Music Connect

  • Specification of JSB MZ24 3D Zero Gravity Massage Chair
  • 3D Long Reaching 3D Rollers from Neck to Buttocks with Zero Gravity Recline
  • Shoulder Roller Width Adjustment according to User Width
  • Air Bag Massage on : Shoulder, Arms, Calves & Foot
  • Dedicated Foot Scraping Massage with Feet & Ankle Heating
  • Calf Rubbing & Nodal Acupressure Massage for Better Blood Circulation
  • 12 Auto Modes : It is Easy to Find a Mode Most Suited for Your Needs
  • 2in1 Controls : Control through Highly Interactive Remote or VOICE COMMAND
  • Listen to Your Favourite Music Through MP3 or Bluetooth Sync


JSB MZ24 3D Massage Chair Zero Gravity with Bluetooth Music Connect

JSB MZ24 3D Massage Chair Zero Gravity for Home & Office comes with Cushioned Back Rollers. The zero gravity full body massager chair has the most important Roller Reach and an individual seeking body pain relief can even adjust the Shoulder & Height consistent with their need. This massage chairs for home front room comes with specialized body scanning so on customize the massage experience consistent with user’s spine length.

This JSB Massage Chair for leg and back is provided with multiple air bags which press against shoulder, arms, hips, calves and foot to offer full body muscle pain relief. This massager chair for blood circulation is provided with zero gravity massage, which helps elevate pain within the spine and spot massage which may be effectively wont to massage specific pain areas within the back and lumbar region.

This body massaging chair may be a blessing for brief people because it can adjust consistent with user height. The JSB massager chair full body comes with 1 Year On Site Door Step Warranty. JSB Healthcare also provides AMC and Dedicated Product Specialist Assistance.

What our Research Say
Luxury for home. Amazing for pain and relaxation. Very customizable with many settings and different pressure options/speed. Wish the manual were more detailed. No explanation on what each of the modes named on the manual actually do; you’ve got to play with it and find the setting that you simply like.

I assume that’s a part of the fun. Amazing speakers, very immersive sound. Wish it came with a USB port to be ready to also charge the phone while getting a massage. In terms of the build, and massage it gives, it’s excellent. Puts me to sleep which is extremely difficult otherwise. an excellent health investment.


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