iCloud Password Recovery

iCloud Password recovery

iCloud is a part and parcel email application service for the ICloud user who wants to use this service for proposes of exchanging the mails. Before that you have to access in the iCloud email account and to do so you need to enter your Email ID and password. But sometime it happens that when you try to Log in your email account by using the email ID and password, you unable to access your email account because of incorrect email address and password.

In this case you should not get tensed because we are here for all these mishap which commonly faced by the users therefore we have tech support experts who are amazingly experienced and capable to endow you the best redress of all types of iCloud issues deeply at the right time.

First way to recover iCloud Password

  • In case you are unable to access your iCloud email account while entering the correct email ID and password.
  • You need to click on the “Forgot password” option.
  • If you have enabled “Two steps verification” then you should follow the steps accordingly.
  • Type your mobile number to get the “Verification code” that you need to enter in the “Verification field”.
  • Enter your new password and renter the new password to confirm it at the end.

Second Way to Recover iCloud Password

Icloud or Apple password can be recovered through two ways. Either you have to provide your alternate email id so that instructions for password reset can be sent there or you should have a set of security questions and there correct answers.

  1. Open the safari browser.
  2. Go to the link, http://iforgot.apple.com.
  3. Tap on Ënter the apple id “.
  4. Now enter the apple id.
  5. Click “next “.
  6. Now the options are given there, to set the password through email or by security question.
  7. Select the possible option.
  8. If user have chosen the option of alternate email id then he has to provide that and click “next “.
  9. A message will be there showing that the instructions has been sent at that email id.
  10. If user has selected the option of answering the security questions then he can reset the password on the web site itself.
  11. Answer the question correctly and click “next “.
  12. In the window opened, enter the old password, then enter the new password and then retype it confirm.
  13. Click “Save “.

Third Way to Recover iCloud Password

 Icloud password  reset can also be done using a recovery key which is provided by Apple at the time of creating the account. While entering the recovery key, a message will be sent at the user’s email id or the phone number to reset the password.
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