How to Setup Gmail account in iPhone 13 ?

Gmail is the most popular email service these days. Hardly any internet user could be found who don’t use Gmail. This dynamic email client can be seamlessly used in all mobile devices including iPhone. You just need to Setup Gmail account in iPhone 13 by iPhone email settings a little bit to ensure that the device can receive and send emails through Gmail service on your iPhone. For that reason, you need to make it sure that your iPhone is POP or IMAP enabled, otherwise it will not be able to access emails through Gmail.

Steps for Setup Gmail account in iPhone 13

Setting up Gmail on iPhone 13 is not a tough job. Here are the steps which you need to follow to change the settings on your iPhone:

  • All versions of iPhone contain a separate settings app. You need to open that app and access the “Mail, contacts, calendars” option.
  • There you will find “Add Account”. On tapping, this option name of all popular email clients will appear. There you will find “Google”.
  • On tapping “Google”, a new screen will be opened asking you to fill up some specific fields like name, email id, and password. Always provide the correct information because you are going to use the same Gmail account that you use in other devices. Then tap on the next button.
  • After your account is successfully verified, you will get some services which you may like to access from your iPad, like contacts, notes, calendars, etc. Just switch on according to your preference. These services will then sync all devices simultaneously.
  • On saving the Gmail account your Gmail will now be usable seamlessly from this device too.

How many Gmail account in iPhone 13 we can access ?

In this way, you can add more Gmail accounts on the iPhone but every time follow the same steps. If you use Gmail as your primary email client, then it is feasible to use the Gmail app in your iPhone for accessing your Gmail account. If that app is not available, then you can download it from iTunes link and fill up all the necessary fields to start using it immediately. You can add up to 5 Gmail account on the iPhone and use them regularly.

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