How to reset Google Chrome?

First of all Google chrome is a fastest browser in present era. This browser is available in all most all Smartphone as well as Computer. If it is not available in your gadget then I recommend that install it and use it in your device. Today I am here to discuss a feature of Google Chrome which is used to reset the browser if you are facing any problem in it. You don’t need to uninstall it if any issue you have in browser.
But before reset chrome browser you need to know that your all setting will gone after this process. All bookmark, saved password, plug-in etc will also uninstall. So, note down your credential and other important stuff on notepad.

Let’s start the process of reset Google chrome:-

  1. Open Google Chrome Browser
  2. Click on Setting
  3. Slide down to the end and click on Advance setting option
  4. Click on reset browser option
  5. Now click on reset option.

Note:- In last step if you will check “help make Google chrome better reporting the current setting” then it will send all your setting to the Google Chrome anonymously to the Google Chrome technical support team. So if you don’t want to send then unchecked it.

Following are the impact on setting after reset Google Chrome Browser :-

  1. Default search engine setting will reset
  2. Homepage button will hidden
  3. Default startup tab will appear
  4. Bookmark page will removed
  5. Saved Password will removed
  6. Cookie and site data will removed
  7. Extension and themes will removed

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