How to make one page WordPress website with Elementor ?

This question “How to make one page WordPress website with Elementor ?” is very intresting topic due to several reason. There are lots of other question asked for elementor and each the user have their own opinion. But if we are talking about summary then i would like to tell you that Elementor is one of the best plugin, i Ever used in WordPress website design. We will see it why i am telling you this. And, please you are agree with me or have any opinion on this then write in comment box.

Now, i have to discuss some general question before starting the steps for the Microwebsite or One page Static website devlopment in wordpress with elementor.

1. What is Single Page template in Elementor?

This is a template similar to the other template available in theme section of Elementor. Devloper of Elementor just make an extra name so that people can easily fetch the template from their themes Section.

2. Can I use Elementor with any theme ?

Yes, almost in all theme you can use this plugin but before using elementor you have to check the compatiblity of theme with this plugin. But according to my experince, Astra and OceanWP is one of the best theme for this plugin. We can do anything and make any design using their template,

3. Can you create a single page website with elementor plugin ?

Yes you can, but answer of this question is partial true because only using Elementor free version you don’t create complete website. For this you have to use some adon plugin and then you customize according to your need. If you want to watch the video of single page website then click here.

Step by Step Guide for Single Page WordPress Website with Elementor

1. Install and Activate Astra Theme

2. Install and Activate Elementor

4. Install and Activate ElementsKit Plugin(Adon Plugin)

5. WP-Form for Form Setup

=> First of all create Page and Name it Home and Just Save it. Now in Right Side Bar select no Sidebar option and Full width theme layout. And Publish it.

=> Open it with Elementor and It will Take some time to open layout.

=> Now click on Elements kit icon available in middle section where select template is available.

=> From Elements Kit select Header section and implement it.

=> Now Change the Detail according to your requirement.

=> Now Header Part is complete.

=> Repeat this process and ad on the elements till website will complete.

For Better Understanding Please watch video availble below and you will get clear idea and easy way of understanding. If you have any problem regarding XAMPP Installation then you may visit my other page also.

How to Create One Page [Single Page] WordPress Website with Elementor

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