How to install localhost XAMPP web server on windows 10?

This question “How to install localhost XAMPP web server on Windows 10” is a very frequently searched on internet by the newbie. Especially if anyone planning to learn website designing or programing on PHP platform then they must know how to configure it on the Operating System. I am going to give you brief idea about this and explain each and every step for this problem. Also, I have a YouTube video for this which will show you how to download and install XAMPP on local computer.

Now before answering the question I would like to say you that I am going to give you setup detail on Windows 10. All the process which I will tell you to do is almost similar on mac operating system also.

Steps for Install Localhost XAMPP web server on Windows 10

  1. Check your operating system configuration: – For this you have to Right click on This PC and open Properties. You will see their Device Specifications. In that section look for the System Type and you get the 64 or 32 bit operating System. This is for your information because XAMPP comes in 64-bit.
  2. Now Open Search engine and enter XAMPP in search bar. Generally on first you get website name apachefriends.org. Open the website and click on the Windows Download and hence your download will start.
  3. After download click on Downloaded File and Install it on your System.
  4. Just follow the instruction and accept all the term and condition.
  5. Now Hope up to this part you found no difficulty. If you found any issue then you can view my video available in this blog.
  6. Now Your Server Install Successfully and it is ready for use.

How to Use Installed Localhost XAMPP wen server on Windows 10

Now, before ending this topic I have to say that whenever you want to run localhost web server on your system you have to open XAMPP control panel and start apache server and PHPMyAdmin from it. Now all the file will store in HTDocs folder. You will find HTDocs in XAMPP folder.

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