How to fix panda antivirus not working?

Panda has been referred as the popular security suits and really helpful to clean out the system. With the help of it, individuals may clean out all malwares and spywares. It works smoothly but whenever users would have some problem related to the antivirus software, they may contact the technical team that has appointed to solve at the time of urgency.

Usually there are number of problems like in network and internet connectivity for which the users may avail help in which users could see resolution for few:

What to do when Panda Antivirus not working?

  • To solve this problem, users are required to uninstall and reinstall the antivirus software:
  • First users are required to go for free Panda antivirus homepage and should start downloading process
  • Users are required to double click over “Install” button and start with the installation process
  • Individual’s could now follow the messages that will appear during the installation process
  • From there users would get the notification to delete the already existing Panda antivirus software
  • Users are required to accept the terms and conditions that has been shown
  • While doing the installation, Panda antivirus would perform the initial scanning to assure that the system is completely clean

Why Panda Antivirus not activating?

  • First users are required to open the “Control Panel”
  • Through the search bar, users are required to enter “User Account Control” and press the button of “Enter”
  • From the “User Accounts”, individuals are required to choose the link of “Turn User Account Control on or Off”
  • It is now need to unmark the same link option that would appear “Next”
  • Users should now click the “Ok” button
  • It is now need to assure that the problem get rectified or not
  • Users may now re-enable the same option to secure the PC
  • Select the button for “Ok”
  • Individuals may now restart the PC and click the “Ok” button

For the advanced user’s, second option could also be used. Individuals may follow the below given guidelines for that:

  • When the users would have Vista OS installed, user should go to “Start”
  • It is now time to go for “ Run” and type ‘msconfig’.
  • Users should now move to “Tools” tab and scroll to choose the option for ‘Disable UAC’
  • After the selection, users should now click on “Launch” button.
  • The command would run on CMD Window and on completion, users are required to close it.
  • Individuals may now shut ‘msconfig‘ and restart the computer system
  • Users are now required to assure that whether the problem got rectified or not
  • For the system security, users are required to re-enable UAC with the same method

For the support from Panda Antivirus team, people can click here and go to their support page.

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