How to fix Belkin router not working after Reset ?

One could say undoubtedly that Belkin routers are the most important device to connect with the internet network. It is in demand among the users and works too smoothly. It is even used in the business organizations for the internet connectivity. No Doubt is there that it works too fast but still there are some situations when the router would be unable to provide access for the internet. There are number of issues that has been solved through the support team but here users may see resolution for few:

What to do when Belkin router not working?

  • First users are required to restart the Modem
  • After 20 sec,users are required to restart the Belkin wireless router
  • Many a times it happens that the firewall blocks the internet connection
  • Users need to check and update the antivirus
  • It is also required to assure that the time and Date is correct on the computer
  • Individuals are now required to go to device manager and do the updation for LAN and wireless Adaptor

How to update wireless driver?

  • First users are required to go to “Device Manager” with a right click over “My Computer”
  • Users are now required to go in “Properties”
  • Individuals are now required to click over “Device Manager”
  • There is now need to right click and update the network or the WiFi driver.
  • In case update are not working, users are required to Uninstall and reinstall the driver
  • It is now need to try for cleaning the computer along with the router firmware.
  • Users should now run or clean the computer with the help of Avg Cloudcare Antivirus
  • It is now time to run the full scan

How to setup DNS server?

  • First users need to click over “Windows Logo” that would be followed through choosing “Control Panel”
  • It is now required to click on “Network and Internet”
  • Users should now click the option for “Network & Sharing Center”
  • It is now required to tap the name of the connection that users wish the edit, to the right of “Connections”
  • Users should now choose the “Properties” option
  • Individual’s could now choose the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and go with the option for “Properties”
  • It is now time to tap the radio button that would be next to “Use the following DNS server addresses”:- It will allow the user to enter the DNS server addresses.
    The addresses are as follows:
    Main DNS server:
    Alternate DNS server:
  • Individuals should now click the button for “OK” on each of the windows and should close the “Control Panel”

How to reset Belkin router?

  • First with the use of a paper clip , users need to press continue to hold the reset button
  • It is now need to hold the reset button at least 30-45 seconds after inserting the power cord, then release it
  • Individuals should now try to reconfigure the setting and WiFi setting

Hope this article will help you and troubleshoot your Belkin router not working after reset problem. You can visit our other article related technical stuff here.

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