Find IP Address of your Printer

How to find ip address of xerox printer ?

Printers have become a part of our daily lives nowadays. Many times, while installing the drivers of the printers, we need to enter the IP address of our printer. However, the problem becomes severe when the users are not able to find the IP address of their printers and thus, they are not able to install the drivers for their printers. So, in this article, we will let you know about the effective steps for finding the IP address of the XEROX printer. All these steps are mentioned below.

Steps for find IP address of Xerox printer

  1. Firstly, the users have to go to the control panel of their XEROX printer.
  2. After that, they have to click on the MENU button and then, on the OK button and then on the DOWN arrow and again on the OK button.
  3. Next, they have to go to NETWORK setup and then to TCP/IP and then to IPv6 and from there, they have to go to IP address and then click on the OK button while moving to all of these options.
  4. Finally, they will find the IP address on the screen.

What If still Not Find ?

So, if still, you are unable to understand how to find IP address of xerox printer, then you certainly need to contact the XEROX printer Support Team for getting the best help. You can avail this help 24 x 7 and 365 days. But we already provided the basic troubleshoot method which they will guide you initially. And If you follow up above steps as shown guided then definitely you will overcome from this problem (find ip address of xerox printer).
Why IP address of printer needed
Basically , by IP address people will connect it to the local server and install it on that server so that they can use it in the business place.

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