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How to enable Snapchat dark mode feature on iPhone and Android ?

Snapchat is very trending app for the people. Lots of people think this app as a part of the life and they upload there photo video and share activity very frequently. Recently some of user are searching answer for “How to get dark mode on Snapchat” on iPhone or android. So, in this topic we will discuss in detail about it.

Get Dark Mode on Snapchat on Android and iPhone

There is lot of answer on the internet and different topic have their on opinion on it. Some told that there is no snapchat dark mode in android phone, some of them are not agreeing on this. So, let me clear this fact that there is different answer for this. And this totally depend on the phone you are using. May be there is available feature in android latest version and not available for old version. By the way if you are using iPhone then there is dark mode feature and you will configure it whenever you want.
Dark Mode for Snapchat make this app very cool and sneaky. People love this mode due to its look. There is option available for light/dark mode in the pone. We will see this in few steps. Please follow it accordingly

How to get dark mode enable on Snapchat on iPhone or android?

  1. Open the Snapchat Appsnapchat dark Mode

  2. Tap on the profile photo which is available in left cornersnapchat dark Mode

  3. Select App Appearancesnapchat dark Mode

  4. Now we can change mode in whatever mode you want to switchsnapchat dark Mode

  5. Basically there is three option :- dark mode, light mode and match system.snapchat dark Mode

  6. Select Dark Mode and hurray…snapchat dark Mode

  7. If you are android user then there is a trick and this will work for almost all android phone.

  8. Select match system in snapchat. And then switch android phone into dark mode.

  9. Hence we achieve our goal.

If you are still facing this problem and not able to switch in dark mode then mention exact problem in comment box. And we will try to provide solution for this as soon as possible.

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