How to Create Gmail Account without Number and Email id?

There is a very simple way to create Gmail account without number and alternate email id. First of all we have to know that why people want to create this type of account. So, if you have any particular valid reason then please comment in this blog.

Why Creating Gmail Account without phone number is bad thing?

In my opinion, in modern era of smartphone there are huge advancement in technology. People and science are evolving in the field of AI(Artificial Intelligence). So, for security and privacy purpose people need to provide their alternate email id and phone number for verification.
Generally Email provider ask for the number and email id in process of account creation because they want to verify that creating email account is by person or robot.

So, my dear friend i have to suggest that don’t create Gmail account without number and email id.

Steps for Creating New Gmail Account without Number and Email ID

Still you want to setup new email then please follow following process. Or if you have any issues then you can view my YouTube video for the same.

  1.  Open Gmail.com
  2. Click on Create New Account
  3.  Fill your personal detail like First name, Last Name, Username and date of birth and Password
  4. Now click on next button or in some case just click on Create Now Button only.
  5. There is option field for your phone number and alternate email id, so you don’t need to enter this.

Hence, your Gmail Account is created and now you will use it as like other email id. But be careful with this id. At any stage Google will ask you to verify your identification then you have to provide your phone number.

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