How to contact Playstaion Customer Service via Phone Number 24/7?

playstation customer service

Playstation is one of the most popular known network systems that is provided by Sony Company and spread all over the world. It facilitates online gaming on PS3 and PS4. Sony Playstation helps in the creation of email “ID” and password to access the Playstation network and when you “Sign In” it verifies your identity to maintain security and safety. If you want to use Playstation then you should have a better understanding of its customer service that is available 24/7 based on your convenience.

Why one should avail Playstation customer care?

Playstation customer care provides support for if you got stuck somewhere while downloading the game’s updates or while playing then you can avail the PlayStation customer support that is highly capable for resolving your issues and give absolute solutions for your problems.

How to get PlayStation Customer service Phone Number?

The official help website provides simple information on handling commonly occurring issues in Playstation. If you are unable to find a suitable solution for the problem that you are facing then you can contact the tech support center and find all necessary help for any matter.

In addition, you can find assistance for other matters pertaining to internal or external matters. For any issues that might be causing a problem with your Playstation account or while you are signing up for the account, solutions are easily available. The forum also provides extensive help on a variety of matters so you can browse through the issues that have already been addressed earlier. If you can’t find the problem among the answered queries then you can find easy help through the troubleshooting basics from the playstation tutorials. Moreover, you can get assistance by speaking with a professional from the tech support team. Also, if you are looking to get some help on setting up your Playstation account then going with the pro help from the official team or a third party will surely be useful.

Some issues can be fixed without the help of PS4 Customer Service

There may be certain problems which may appear in PlayStation. The users may face some technical glitches which need troubleshooting.  The various problems and their suggested troubleshooting are discussed. They are as follows:


Sign up help for Playstation Account 

If you want to sign up for the playstation account then you will have to maintain an updated system software. Complete information on how to handle the PlayStation account is available through the manual website of PlayStation.

You can join the PSN service which you can sign up for by using your Sony Entertainment Network account. Here is how you can sign up help for PlayStation account:

If you want to create an account for your PlayStation then you can go online and choose the signup or create an account option and continue with the process by providing your personal information.

You will have to provide complete information for the registration process such as your date of birth, your own name, and address or similar details of the user. You will have to choose the master account and sub-account and then provide your sign-in ID and choose a password to keep your account protected.


PlayStation is not turning on

Power cable

Your PS3 will not boot. In such a case, the power cable is plugged in properly and not loose. Also, it is wise to verify that your source of power functions correctly.

Yellow light indicator

The indicator light on PS3 starts to show green and then it switches to yellow and then quickly to red and blinks indefinitely. The PlayStation will display the error for two different reasons. One is to determine the cause of the error on the console, turning on the console and then listening closely for the fan. If the fitted fan powers on briefly, and then switches off, then there may be an issue with the motherboard.


The most common cause of the YLOD error and the PlayStation failing to boot is a malfunction of the hardware on the motherboard. The error is usually caused due to the failure of the solder joints between the GPU and CPU and the motherboard.

Power Supply

One cause of PS3 not booting is a faulty power supply. A much smaller percentage of PS3 will display the yellow light as a result of inadequate power supply.


Play station not reading Optical Media 

There are basically two major models of Blu-ray drivers in Play Station and each of them has parts specific to their own model. The best and the easiest way to tell what kind of drive is there in your PS is to take out the drive from the PS and check it. If the driver is found to have an exposed control board near the bottom of the Blu-ray drive, then the drive’s model number is KEM-400. If there is no exposure of the control board, then the drive’s model number is deemed to be KEM-410.

If your PlayStation is not at all reading the discs or inconsistently doing so, then the following troubleshooting is to be done.

Step 1: Firstly the disk is to be inserted in the PlayStation Blu-ray drive

Step 2: Then the disk is to be cleaned.

Step 3: After that, the disk is to be ejected.

Step 4: The disk is to be re-inserted in the PlayStation.

Step 5: Then the lens is to be cleaned.

Step 6: Following that, eject the disk.

Step 7: Finally the disk is to be re-inserted.


PS3 freezes

The PS3 has chances of freezing or having excessive lags at times. In such cases, the following troubleshooting should be done.

Restarting the PS4

If the PS4 freezes and ps4 not working, then it is safe to turn off the gaming system by pressing the power button for a relatively longer duration. Then the PS3 has to be turned back by pushing the power button again.

Internet connection

If there are continuous or excessive lags during the online playing of the PS3, then it first needs to be verified whether the Ethernet cable is rightly plugged in or not. After trying to restart the router or the modem can be a solution. Even after trying this out, if the problem persists, then there is some problem with the internet connection. In that case, you are suggested to contact your internet service provider.

Hard drive

If the PS3 lags or freezes while loading the contents from the hard drive, the hard drive is probably faulty or lacks free space. In order to create more space in the hard drive, some items should be removed to freed space. Alternatively, a new hard drive with a larger storage space is to be purchased.

Need help from Playstation Customer Support 24/7

Whilst the process for any troubleshooting for playstation seems easy, there might be some issues. So, if you are looking for easy and user-friendly solutions to fixing playstation issues then you can get effective solutions by using services offered by numerous third parties. Moreover, you can find the tutorials or use the toll-free number to get help on any matter regarding signing up for the playstation customer care.

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