How to Choose Best Mouse in India?

Best Laptop Mouse

In India People are using lots of Electronic gadget and one of them is Mouse. A mouse is one of the most useful gadgets for PC or Laptop. But most of the people don’t know types of the Mouse and their suitable category to use them. First we will introduce some best mouse then let you know the feature of it.

Following are the best mouse available in India

  1. Logitech M235 Wireless Mouse – Optical Red
  2. Lenovo 300 Wireless Compact Mouse
  3. Logitech M557 Bluetooth Optical Mouse
  4. HP X3500 Wireless Mouse
  5. TeckNet Raptor Prime SM268AG Wireless Gaming Mouse


 How to select best Wireless Mouse?

First of all I want to ask you some question here. I am asking these questions because we have to ask it before buying any mouse. If you will get your answer then you can select best wireless mouse easily.

  1. What is the main reason to buy wireless mouse?

Answer:- Of course in my opinion for comfort.

  1. For what purpose you are going to buy Mouse?

Answer:- This is the main question for the people on the basis of this question you will know how much cost for your mouse.

I know that above line is little bit confusing but it is right. For example if you want only simple work like net surfing, scrolling etc then you can by 400 to 800 DPI optical mouse which is best for your use and it will cost less. But is you want to use it for Game or graphic design or programming purpose then you need 1800 dpi to 2000 dpi laser mouse and it will cost higher then above one.

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  1. How much time you are working on Computer?

Answer: – In my case I am working 8 to 10hrs which means I need good battery life better programming button and best RF or Bluetooth receiver which will work best for this time duration. So be gently choosing your device so that you can save money and utilize the mouse for best way.

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Some of the Mouse term you should know

  1. DPI:- DPI stands for Dot Per Inches. The more DPI means you have to move your mouse less. For Photoshop, programming, Graphic Design or Gaming you have to select Laser light Mouse.
  2. Programmable Button:- As suggest with the name that it is useable only for programming purpose. This button will help you to frequently change the pages.
  3. Bluetooth Vs RF:- RF stands for Radio Frequency. Basically RF needs a external device to use in USB port for work. But Bluetooth not require any external device. Of course RF is good but if you are using other external device then you need to think about it.

Note:- If you need any type of information regarding Mouse either wireless or wired then you can comment here we will try to solve your problem ASAP. Also you can tell us what is the feedback for this article. If anyone have any better information regarding gadget then you can post here on submit section.

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