How to Backup & Restored Gmail Account?

How to Backup Gmail Account?

Now-a-days people have common practice to upload all data in the Google Drive. And they are not aware that when Google Technical Support team will suspend account of user with a valid reason. Google support team always searching for the violation, spam or illegal activity of user. If they find any such type of activity then they will immediately take action.

In, that case people lost their valuable data. So there is one way to avoid this kind of data loss. Gmail user makes a backup for the whole Google product time-to-time. So, in this article we have to discuss very easy way to Backup Account data in Hard Disc of Laptop or PC.

Following are the step-by-step process of process:-

  1. Sign-in in Gmail id (which you want to backup).
  2. Click on Your profile image and select my account option.
  3. Now in My Account select Control your Account option (available in Personal info & privacy heading).
  4. Now scroll down and you will find Download your data.
  5. Click on Create Archive option
  6. Tap on Gmail to download data.
  7. Click on Next Option.
  8. Select the format of file in which you want to download data. (select .Zip format)
  9. Enter your Delivery method for your archive data.
  10. Now click on Create Archive button.

Now you have to wait for some time or exit your Gmail account. When archive will ready then you got message from Google. Then open mail and click on attachment file for download. Download it and save in your local disk.

How to Restore Gmail Account?

Now suppose that you have done some suspicious activity according to Google Tech support team. And your account suspended. You created new Gmail id and want to restore all the data you stored in feature backup. Unfortunately Google have not feature to store your data from one Gmail account to another, or from archived file. In that case we are using third party software or plugin to store your email in new account of Google.

Follow the following process to restore Gmail account:-

  1. Download Mozilla Thunderbird. It is free and available for all platforms Linux, Mac and Windows.
  2. Now open your new Gmail Account.
  3. Click on setting icon (Available right top corner of your Gmail account.)
  4. Click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP header
  5. Now tick on Enable IMAP and save it.
  6. Now install thunderbird in your system and open it. (Remember when you will be asked to select between POP/IMAP, select IMAP option.)
  7. Now add MBOX file in thunderbird manually.
  8. Go to C: > users > UserName > AppData > Roaming > Thunderbird > Profiles > (random words).default > Mail > Local Folders. (Here username is window account you are logged in.)
  9. Now paste MBOX file in it.
  10. Now navigate in left panel of thunderbird and click on backup file which you pasted.
  11. It’s time to restore your email from backup
  12. Select all email from thunderbird.
  13. Drop all the mail in your new Gmail account where you want to store it.
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