How to activate MS Office 365 by activation phone number ?

After buying Office 365 or Office 2022, you need to  to activate MS Office 365 or other one you need to use it seamlessly from your computer, laptop or any other device.

For activating MS Office, you must have compatible system software, hardware, and OS on the device. You need to access the web page “products.office.com/en-us/office-system-requirements” to know what are the basic requirements for running MS Office 365 smoothly. In that web page, you could also see the basic hardware requirements for each office product. You can also inspect the “Mobile Devices” option placed at the upper side of the page to know the basic requirements in mobile devices to run an MS Office package.

Activate MS Office 365 by activation phone number

  • After conforming to all basic requirements, you need to go through the following MS Office activation process to activate MS office on any device:
  •  Access the page setup.office.com. You need to “Sign in” here with your existing Microsoft Id and password.
  • Now access your product key. The product key is a 25-character alphanumeric code that you can find on the receipt or in the card inside the product packaging. If you don’t spot the number, you can contact MS Office activation phone number for help.
  • After getting the number, and signing to your Microsoft account, you have to select the office product you have already purchased and put the activation key.

Wait for Microsoft Office 365 activation online process

The system will now automatically activate your MS Office software on your computer or another device. Always remember that you have to activate the package in all your devices separately, i.e. you can’t access the same MS office in an Android device and a normal laptop if you have not activated the software in both.

Remember a few things while activating MS Office:

  • If you have purchased an Office 365, Office 2021 or Office 2022 online, then the product key will be dispatched through email, otherwise, the product key will be supplied by the retailer as mentioned before.
  • Keep the key safe, as it may need some other time.
  • If you don’t have Microsoft account, you need to create an account to activate the product.

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