How the Life Screwed or Settled Post-Pandemic ?

On Jan 27, 2020, India Reported the first case of Covid -19 in India. No one knew how the Life Screw by this shitty virus and it  was going to shake the entire country’s Infrastructure and economic Condition. Before that  India already faced the risk of Anthrax virus, Ebola Virus And it will not be as dangerous as Covid-19. Most European countries and South Asian countries alert their citizens and follow the Protocol. India is also in those countries that put the lockdown and do Janta strike. But who knows that this deadly virus has already ready to screwed our daily life and it will affect every Personal.

Slowly Slowly the Life Screwed or settled – What do you think ?

In the Initial days we thought it would take approx. 1 month but day by day it is going much worse and affects many lives and also the society. we Stuck in our home just like we are in prison with fear of some monsters.  less Physical Contact, Social Distancing, no Social Gathering.it is just like A parrot in the cage got everything. but day by day we adapt to this Environment. At that time we don’t know during this pandemic we are reshaping the new type of Society.  Virtual working culture, Online shopping, Home Delivery is increasing day by day. they are not going to expose to an open Environment.
1 year spent, the vaccine also came and day by day number of cases also decline. And Slowly n slowly everything is going to open. And Slowly n slowly they are exposed to the open environment. But we the people ready to Adopt again the previous Aura. we don’t know how we react in the Coming Days. the Truth is nobody knows what comes next. Nobody predicts, uncertainty is Everywhere.

Our opinion on the Life Screwed or Settled Post-Pandemic

Here is what I  feel and what I observed in daily life and after putting down the lockdown.

Virtual office or Real Office.

During Lockdown most of the office follows the Remotely work culture that means work from home. Every day lots of virtual meetings in Zoom or Google meet. Presentations only through google meet. In the Initial days of lockdown, they face so many issues just like how they coordinate. how to interact with their Colleague and employee but day by day they are habitual with this type of work culture. no rush to the office. no traffic Jam, just wake up and join the office that it. You give proper time to your family Post lock down many of the offices still working remotely on the name of Pandemic.  But the latest survey also tells us that due to remote working many of the personal life gets disturbed, even they are in the home but not in the home. working hour increase. you are in the home but you are not in the home. So many of them again rejoin their offices and enjoy the office life interact with colleagues and friends and many of them still believe remote working best.  It depends on person to Person how they react when again they are going to the office some for bad and some for good/

Usage of Public  Transport.

 In pre lockdown Scenario many of us regularly use public transport. they can make friends who regularly use the public Transport they have their friend circle, they can make fun and play make their travel joyful. if you are a regular traveler of Metro or Local Train you can feel that how these people interact and enjoy their journey, but during the lockdown, all these are going to end, no public transport, no Travelling, no fun, and Play, most of them generally use their persona vehicle if they have to go somewhere. day by day they lose their connection. some of them feel that when the lockdown is ended maybe everything is on track. But post lockdown many of them ignore to use public transport they prefer their vehicle. if they use public transport they hard to communicate with each other on the name of Social Distancing. most of the funny things they didn’t even recognize each other if they stand side reason they cover their face with a mask. meanwhile, those people can make it anywhere. now they even have direct contact with any of them due to pandemics.

Study in Building(offline) or Screen(online). 

Little Children are the most affected ones who can face so many things during Lockdown. they are locked in four walls. they are supposed to play in open areas. they are supposed to visit playgrounds, zoos, shopping malls, and most important the Schools. Right now they are going to moss the most important phase of life ” the School life”. in School they make friends, they know how to behave in society. how we face upcoming challenges in our society.  but Due to Pandemic, these things are missed by our children. All of the Schools tried to teach their children through Virtual classes. through the mobile class.
you can imagine in our country where call drop is a major issue, just imagine how little children take the class on mobile and laptop. you can feel that these little cute eyes feel so much stress due to online classes. And these things make habits by these children. post lockdown many of them didn’t want to go play outside in an open area, they mostly spend their time in front of a mobile screen, tv screen, or  Laptop Screen. many o the unhealthy habits also grab by our children, many Study shows post lockdown many of the children need counseling regarding their behavior.

Health Conscious temperament is Continue. 

 The one thing I notice during lock or fear with a pandemic is we are so health Conscious and follow the basics hygiene rule. Regularly hand wash put the garbage propel in place, sanitize your surrounding area. our main concern is that post lockdown or in post Pandemic time can we regularly follow the basic cleanness protocol. I hope so we can make the habit

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