How and Who Started Trend of Bodybuilding in India ?

Youth Today ae so much freak about their Fitness. They want to look good, want to Impress others, wanna be a perfect look. They want everyone to appreciate his or her personality. That is why from last decade fitness industry grew day by day. Fitness centers Especially in the urban city are available on every corner. Even in Rural India, they can use daily machinery items to do their fitness activity. Do you think that how the Bodybuilding thig is the biggest trends In India? How the youth attracted to being a fit want to make a sculptured body. For this, we have to go visit the 1970s era. let us turn the page of History and try to find out when the actual seed sowed of bodybuilding.

Is Trend of Bodybuilding in India started Since Last Decade ?

In 1970-80 television are just introduced in India, the Whole Family No Not the Whole family, Whole community together watched the Mythological Serial Name Raamayan, and in this Serial Lord Hanuman character played by Dara Singh. we are so impressed by his bulky Physique. we just resemblance Dara Singh as real hanuman. Buy my Ancestor Told me Dara Singh is not the first person who started Bodybuilding in India, before that few of the gems from India already won few titles in the Bodybuilding Industry.

A few of the names: are Montosh Rai (Mr. Universe –  1951). Manohar Aiche -(1952). But at that time media and Broadcast industries are not so advanced that why very few of them know about these two gems.

Who Started the trend of bodybuilding in Bollywood ?

Movie name “Chacha Bhatija” Dharmendra do push up in front of actress Hema Malini, Pull the Charriot in Dharamveer, I know the type of picturization done today they are going trolled but when this shoot is done on Dharmendra audience got crazy because at that time He-man is another name of Dharmendra. Everyone wants to build their strength like him.

In 90 Another actor came with this Concept Showing His Ribbed body, Long hair, And Bike. Yeah, You guessed Right His Name is Sanjay Dutt. But many people much attract to his Long hair, very few of them note his Body, that is not his Fault reason behind that people are just not ready come to our from Rajesh Khanna or Amitabh Genre.

After Few years another actor just take a baby step in the Bollywood Industry name Salman Khan. He just entry through family drama and love story movies. so he didn’t get any chance to show his body. or maybe he was not ready yet. But in 1998 movie names “Pyar Kiya to Darna Kya” and one of the famous Song name “O O Jaane Jana” this song create a storm in the whole generation where Salman khan dance with his bare body showing Six-pack abs. He is one person who tells the world even without Cloth you looked so beautiful if you have a Beautiful ribbed body. After that Suniel Shetty, Akshay Kumar came from a martial background start a new trend for fitness. Even the old Actor also focuses on his fitness and Follows the Strict fitness rule.

Who is Best Bodybuilders In India ?

Trendsetter by Few Bollywood actors, right now Everyone in this Industry try to make new Milestones in the fitness Industry. Hrithik Roshan, Saif Ali Akahn, john Abraham, Vidyut Jamwal and Many more these are the one who creates an extra Benchmark in the Fitness Level.

But these are Professional actors, not bodybuilders, but we can’t ignore what they have done to increase the awareness of Fitness in millennials.

In Indian Bodybuilding, you never Forget the Contribution of Sahil Khan, Sangram Chogule, and Also Thakur Anup Singh. these are the Real bodybuilder who can be told by the world that India is regularly produced the Bodybuilder. Most of them today follow these 3 bodybuilders and Inspire by them and want to win so Many Crowns in Bodybuilding for India.

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