Facebook Marketing for Real Estate Lead Generation Helpful.

Now a day, the Internet is the most popular platform for selling your goods. Especially in India, around 60% of goods sold online. And this is increasing day by day. So, we can say that in Upcoming era India is one of the largest online product sellers in the world. If online selling increased then automatically Marketing also increased.

Now, we have to focus on the topic which we are discussing here i.e. Facebook Marketing for Real Estate Lead Generation. So if we are talking about Facebook then we all know that it is very popular Social Media Network. So, definitely this play a major role in generating a lead in Real Estate.

Is Facebook Marketing beneficial for Real Estate?

This is a very common question among Real Estate People. About 60% of people said that lead from Facebook is not fruitful. But in my opinion generally, Facebook is one the most effective way to create the lead in this field. Even a major company like 99Acres, Magicbricks, Housing, Makaan etc generation Lead from Facebook in a very large amount.

So, the Real question is why people don’t say that we are generating lead from facebook? The answer is very simple just think 1 minute and definitely, you will get your answer. From my point of view marketing company not accepting this because of cost. If they told these to their client the CPC of lead will not according to their expectation.

Hence, If you are doing campaign in-house then I will suggest you that go for Facebook Marketing.

How to do Facebook marketing to make more effective lead generation technique?

Here we are not going to discuss the step to create campaign because if you are reading this article and you are here at this line then definitely you have a connection with Facebook Campaign and you almost read all the steps to create the campaign and done lots of experiment but still not got a satisfactory answer. So, here I will be going to tell you some point while creating your campaign which will help you to optimize your conversion. Following are the point on which you have to focus on:-

1.      Think before Start Campaign Creation: – Yes this is a very vital step for any campaign. Think why, where and how people engage in your campaign, What is the main info you are providing in the campaign that attracts your potential customer. Is this relevant campaign for your visitor comparing to others. Location is good or not (i.e. your potential customer active in this area when your campaign active). Is your campaign timing is relevant or not. For example, if you are activating your campaign in work hour then that location must be company based area so that potential customer visits your Facebook ads and timing should be work hour.

2.       Your Image and Content in Campaign: – This is another vital point for your campaign. Make more informative your content and image. Don’t bluff more. Put things the same that is available at the time of your ad creation. Also, make ad attractive. The best trick for Image you have to keep in mind that use only 30-40 characters in your image if the image ratio in 620:200.

3.       Pay attention while creating form:- Title and image should be simple and attractive. Also, write a note that “the following form is autofill by facebook so please check it before submission.” This will definitely help you. I am saying this because if any potential customer is there then he or she will definitely read all the stuff then they submit the form.

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